Why "The Faith" Matters

John ArmstrongCreeds, Faith

The faith of the the Apostles is enshrined in the Gospels, outlined in their preaching in the Book of Acts and expounded and taught in their Epistles. Though there are different ways in which this faith is expressed, it is one and the same faith in all three accounts. This faith is common to the writings because they were written … Read More

What Is Faith?

John ArmstrongBiblical Theology, Faith, Spirituality

Essential to all true Christianity is an understanding of the word faith. We use the word all the time but rarely do we stop to consider, “What is faith?” The dictionary will tell you that faith is “strong belief or trust in someone or something” but that does not do much to help you as a Christian. When the word … Read More

Religious "Reverts" — Are Americans Coming Back to Church?

John ArmstrongEvangelism, Faith, The Church

The Easter Weekend edition of USA Today had a front page story on religious “reverts.” It explored the current push of various religious groups, including Jews and Christians, to reach out to a large and growing demographic. That demographic consists of millions of people who have left organized religion over the last two decades. The article told the story of … Read More

Of Gods and Men

John ArmstrongDiscipleship, Faith, Film

The recently released DVD of the highly praised 2010 French film, Of Gods and Men, affords a unique opportunity for people to see and experience what it was like for Cistercian Trappist monks in Algeria to live and die for their faith. Of Gods and Men is a drama film directed by Xavier Beauvois, starring Lambert Wilson and Michael Lonsdale. … Read More

“I Have Never Found Anyone in Israel with Such Faith” Part Two

John ArmstrongFaith, Incarnation

Yesterday I showed how God coming into this world made this the “visited planet,” to quote one of my favorite lines from the late J. B. Phillips. Today I want to explain further what this means for true faith. I begin by making a statement that I have come to understand over the last decade. Until I understood the incarnation … Read More

“I Have Never Found Anyone in Israel with Such Faith” Part One

John ArmstrongFaith, Incarnation

In Matthew 8 we have an astonishing account of true faith. I have heard many theological definitions of faith given over the years but none comes close to this story. (Have you ever noticed that Jesus did not give definitions of faith but stories that reveal what true faith looks like in a person’s actions?) This is such an account. … Read More