An Evangelical Call for Bipartisan Immigration Reform

John ArmstrongAmerican Evangelicalism, Ethics

The National Association of Evangelicals, which has all too rarely had something meaningful to say about our national public life in recent years, recently published an ad issuing a helpful call for immigration reform. In the light of the debate created by my recent blogs about the DREAM Act I thought this NAE call worth the attention of my readers. … Read More

The DREAM Act and What It Means for Young Americans

John ArmstrongAmerica and Americanism, Current Affairs, Ethics, Personal, The Church

The video story that I shared yesterday introduced many of you to what is called the DREAM Act. I learned of this proposal from my son, Matt. Matt pastors a multi-ethnic congregation and thus remains deeply involved in issues of justice and compassion day-to-day. I would like to explain this sane and humane act as clearly as possible so I … Read More

Conscientious Objection to War

John ArmstrongEthics, The War on Terrorism

The history of Christian response to war and service in military combat is one filled with twists and turns. Every person must realize, if they exercise a modicum of thought, that this issue is deeply painful and troubling. Early Christians did not always serve in the military, though Roman soldiers were numbered among converts to the faith. Most of what … Read More

Why No Comprehensive National Health Care?

John ArmstrongAmerica and Americanism, Ethics, Politics

I have a number of friends from both Canada and Europe who express considerable amazement at how we in the U. S continue to debate the subject of single-payer, comprehensive health care. For them it seems like a slam-dunk argument in favor of such a system. I read and hear that we are just being a selfish nation that doesn't … Read More

Why Did the Haitian Government Arrest Christians Who Were Attempting to Help Orphans?

John ArmstrongCurrent Affairs, Ethics

I have followed the unfolding story of ten Americans, all Christians from Idaho who were arrested for trying to take children out of Haiti after the earthquake struck, with great deal of interest. What has made this seemingly unique story so intriguing to me is that numerous non-Christian journalists and radio talk show people here in Chicago have reacted fiercely … Read More

At the Death House Door: A Film That Pushed Me Over the Edge

John ArmstrongEthics

I have had very serious doubts about the practice of capital punishment in America for decades. I know the arguments for it quite well. I fell back on those arguments, and the Old Testament texts that can be used to support them, until I felt the whole issue crumbling under my feet about 15 years ago. Like so many similar … Read More

Justice in America? The Failure of Our Prison System

John ArmstrongEthics

Our prison system is an unmitigated disaster. Very few Christians know the real problems in the system and even less really care. This is positively wrong. We need to become advocates for justice and mercy in the very best sense of both words. Our system is moving towards a serious collapse and few know the answers. An obvious problem can … Read More

Secular Humanists and Human Dignity

John ArmstrongEthics

Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker wrote an article that appeared in May in the magazine, The New Republic (TNR). I often disagree with TNR but I generally find it stimulating and provocative reading from a moderate to left-leaning perspective. It is one of those magazines that is not so far from reality that it can’t still be genuinely worth reading. The … Read More