Confessing the Faith Faithfully

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It should be apparent, if you have read my previous three posts, that confessing the faith is important business. It is not to be taken lightly by the individual or the church. Jaroslav Pelikan, in his magnum opus five volume work, The Christian Tradition, says in volume one that Christian doctrine is "what the church of Jesus Christ believes, teaches … Read More

Whither Brian McLaren?

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The journey of pastor, leader and author Brian McLaren is one that has attracted a lot of attention. He has sold a lot of books and spoken to thousands of people around the world. Over the years traditional conservative evangelicals have often reacted against Brian. This growing mistrust, sometimes for good reason, has only grown over the last five years … Read More

Skye Jethani and Dan Kimball on the Emergent Church

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I attended a dialog on the emergent church Wednesday afternoon at Wheaton College (January 20). Authors Dan Kimball (photo at left) and Skye Jethani (photo at right) made presentations (Dan’s was given the evening before) and answered questions. The event was hosted by Dr. Vince Bacote and the Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College. I tried to restrain … Read More

Focusing on the Church Outside the Walls

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Emergent churches often receive considerable attention in the press because they offer an element of surprise to readers who know little or nothing about them. One such church, with the fairly typical emergent type name of Fusion Church, meets in a Chicago suburb about a 45-minute drive from my home. Fusion Church is in Lake Zurich (IL). It was featured … Read More

A Visit to One of America's Largest Emergent Churches

John ArmstrongEmergent Church

Mars Hill Bible Church, in Grandville, Michigan, is one of the better known “emergent” (or “emerging”) congregations in America. Begun as a church plant through the leadership of well-known author and speaker Rob Bell, Mars Hill reflects all that is good about emergent Christianity, as well as some of the weaknesses one frequently encounters. I had the unique opportunity to … Read More

The Emerging Church: Can We Talk?

John ArmstrongEmergent Church

Since the late 1990s a conversation has been going on about the emergent church. Opinions and reactions range from one end of a broad spectrum to another. Personally, I have longed to see someone deal with these issues fairly from the perspective of a deep commitment to the ancient Christian faith. Now this has been done. A good friend, Dr. … Read More

The Gathering in Salem, Massachusetts

John ArmstrongEmergent Church

My friend Phil Wyman has served as the pastor of The Gathering in Salem, Massachusetts, for ten years now. I met Phil three years ago as a result of a front page story on him that appeared in The Wall Street Journal. We have conversed by phone and prayed for one another. Emails keep us in contact. I still hope … Read More

How the Modern Generation Lost Its Way Morally and Socially

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Time and time again David Gelernter, a national fellow of the American Enterprise Institute and professor of computer science at Yale, speaks precisely to something that I have been thinking about for some time. It was David Gelernter who argued, in the pages of The Weekly Standard about three years ago, that America needed another great awakening on the college … Read More

The Truth War and the Emergent Church

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A young friend, who reads my material regularly and has established a personal relationship with me via the Internet, informed me yesterday of an emergent site where there is an interesting discussion going on re: John MacArthur’s book, The Truth War. Since I am the subject of a great deal of John’s criticism in chapter one of this book my … Read More

A Weekend Emergent Village Experience

John ArmstrongEmergent Church

This weekend’s Midwest Emergent Gathering, held July 20-21 in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, was an event that I enjoyed participating in immensely. I was invited, by my friend Mike Clawson of up/rooted (Chicago), to answer several questions in a plenary session. I was billed as a friendly “outsider.” We laughed about this designation since many of my critics now assume that … Read More