Rethinking a Christian Response to Suicide

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I am continually amazed at the lack of sensitivity and pastoral grace that many Christians have regarding their response to a death by suicide. There was a time when Christians–Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant–generally considered suicide an “unpardonable sin.” For this reason when a person took their own life the family was left with the profound sense that their loved one … Read More

Statins: The Modern Wonder Drugs?

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Like many of my readers, at least those who are over fifty, I take a statin drug every day. I take a very small dose (10mg) of Lipitor. I have read a great deal about these drugs, as should any consumer who puts anything into their body. I also have the benefit of a brother who is a physician and … Read More

Could Promising New Stem Cell Research End Culture War Aspect of Debate?

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Stem Cell research may be on the verge of a whole new opportunity for advancement that could solve the ethical dilemma faced by harvesting stem cells from human embryos that requires the destruction of human life. New research published this month suggests that there may be an alternative to embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Stem cells can apparently … Read More

What Kind of Stem Cells?

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The stem cell debate is going to be even bigger in the 110th Congress. Democrats have promised to  overturn the president’s opposition to harvesting embryonic stem cells if possible. This whole issue amazes me, at least on one level. As an issue it is, in microcosm, a picture of our culture and its putting incredible hope in all medical and … Read More

Life, Bio-Ethics and Our Present Political Climate

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Two bio-ethical issues have recently been debated and decided at the federal level in an attempt to create a culture more favorable to human life. The first was the Senate bill to allow federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. As is widely known President Bush vetoed this bill, his first veto in nearly six years in office. Some rather consistently … Read More