Theology and Missional Church: How Shall We Respond to Our Seismic Culture Shifts?

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Theology is vitally important. To listen to many progressively oriented voices these days you’d  think that theology really doesn’t really matter, only love for our neighbors. Christians who are serious about the once-for-all revealed faith must understand that this is a false contrast. Both theology and love matter. Indeed, they matter profoundly. Good theology will actually help you to understand … Read More

Two Philosophers – Two Responses to Life

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I have the amazing privilege of sharing the platform with a diversity of Christian speakers and authors. Last Saturday I spoke for the Prison Fellowship Centurions program near Lansing, Michigan. There where three speakers at this particular gathering. One was a Centurion from within the group and the other, besides myself, was Dr. Cornelius Plantinga. Plantinga recently retired as president of … Read More

How Reason Can Humble You in Your Faith

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Christians have always struggled to understand the role and place of reason in faith. The central problem is not whether or not reason is important but what reason can and cannot do. This reminds us of Plato’s warning about the danger of “misology.” Plato felt this was a great danger to man, in fact one of the worst things that … Read More

Testimony Has the Greatest Weight

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The famous Samuel Johnson (1708–1784), often called quite simply Dr. Johnson, was a devout Anglican essayist, poet, literary critic and editor. He has been called “the most distinguished man of letters in English history.” He is also the subject of the most famous single work of biography in the whole of literature, James Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson. Johnson observed, as … Read More

A Reasonable Catholic and Evangelical Dialog

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Blogger Joe Heschmeyer is a Roman Catholic and an attorney in Washington, D.C. He has been reading my blogs, and interacting with me via these blogs, for several years now. I have found Joe to always be a reasonable, intelligent and fair-minded apologist. He is a very conservative and devout Catholic. I disagree with a great deal of what he … Read More

C. S. Lewis: An Inspiration for My Blogs

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Several months ago a reader of these blogs wrote me a gracious email encouraging me in my work and mission. He added that he had recently read C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity once again and as a result of this reading he had realized that the posture Lewis was teaching from was one that he rarely saw these days among … Read More

How Much Do Christians Know About Faith and Religion in America?

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The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, an incredibly valuable place to go for meaningful research, recently completed a massive survey regarding what people know about faith in America. There are some amazing results to be found in this survey at Pew’s web site. Pew’s site tells the reader that: The research indicates that on questions about Christianity – … Read More

Apologetics and Debate

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I love apologetics. In fact, I have taught a graduate course titled: “Apologetics for Postmodern Evangelism.” Christian apologetics is a pretty interesting discipline if you are a person of the mind who is called to explain and defend the faith well. But  for all of my love for apologetics I do not love a lot of what is called apologetics … Read More

How Do We Answer Young Post-modern Skeptics?

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A friend of mine recently sent me a statement posted by a college student on Facebook about his view of Christianity. My friend was initially appalled by the remarks this young skeptic made but after looking at this a bit more carefully he said that he began to think this kind of response from the young skeptic represented the harsh … Read More

The Foolishness of the Gospel to Modern Thought, or Why Postmoderns Are Right to Question Our Empirical Christian Methodology

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Missional-theologian Lesslie Newbigin (1909-1998) said the requirement for a missionary encounter with a culture is having the “courage to hold and proclaim a belief that cannot be proved in terms of the axioms of [that] society.” One of Newbigin’s primary insights can be seen in this very comment. The gospel cannot be reduced to the axioms of Western society, especially … Read More