Who Is Thinking and Why It Matters

I admit that as long as I can remember I have been inclined to think outside the box. It is sometimes gotten me in a heap of trouble. I remember at around age five asking, “Why does out church exclude non-white members?” I also asked, somewhere in that same time frame, “Why do males only get to speak and preach?” A little later I asked, “Why do Baptists think they are the only really faithful Christians?” Such questions got me in trouble with Sunday School teachers and others in authority.

I believe some of this is simply a part of the way God made me. Yet I also remain surprised at how little some Christians think about thinking. Why do we do refuse to think and ask questions? I think a major reason is fear. Another is the lack of love and prejudice.

2515787000010367626S600x600Q85 I do not think I’ve ever quoted General George C. Patton but in this case he said something rather profound: “When everyone is thinking the same thing no one is thinking.” Leaders should always think and never the same thing. This is even more true of Christian leaders if I read the Bible correctly at all. None of us possesses all truth and when thinking is low, or we all agree, something not so good has happened to us.

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