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Gluttony: The Most Common Deadly Sin?

Gregory the Great, a sixth century pope whose piety and teaching on spiritual formation have had an enduring legacy in the church, seems to have been the first Christian teacher to create the taxonomy of the "seven deadly sins." One … Continue reading

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Pam Chose Life: The Tim Tebow Pro-Life Story

The following letter appeared in my box this week. I think it implores those who value unborn life to respond. I did. I hope you will too. Dear Friends, Once again our values are under intense attack from radical liberal … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Struggle of Church and State is a Real Threat to Mission

A French court has ruled that the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Nice, built with funding from the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and completed in 1912, just prior to the country's revolution, belongs to the government of Russia and must be … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of John H. Armstrong

Regular readers of this blog might actually wonder what I do from day-to-day. Do I sit in front of a screen and write articles, blogs and books? Well, yes and no. I do a lot of writing for sure. But … Continue reading

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When and How Should We Speak Out About the Persecution of Other Christians?

The Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD) recently expressed its dismay (January 14 post) at the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)’s for having ignored religious persecution in China during its recent visit. Instead, says Faith McDonnell of the IRD, the WEA … Continue reading

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How Meeting Real Christians from Different Traditions Makes a Real Difference

A regular reader of this blog, who is Roman Catholic in his faith and practice, told me that he was recently at an A.A. men's retreat conducted at a Jesuit-run retreat center.  This retreat was specifically geared toward men involved … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict XVI on Knowing Christ, Witness and Unity

On January 20 Pope Benedict XVI said, “Being a witness to Christ presupposes knowing him firsthand, not just being told of him by others.” The Pope made this comment during a general audience in Pope Paul VI Hall. He took … Continue reading

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Please Stop the Interpretations of Divine (Secret) Providence

If there is anything the most elemental study of the Bible, theology and church history will reveal it is the simple, but profound, truth that we have no business trying to explain divine providence in terms of what God is … Continue reading

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The Blessing of Abraham and the Nations of the Earth

The following reflection came to me this week via a post written by my son, Matthew Armstrong. Matt is a passionate church-planter, a faithful evangelist and a young man who teaches me a great deal about faith and obedience, probably … Continue reading

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Skye Jethani and Dan Kimball on the Emergent Church

I attended a dialog on the emergent church Wednesday afternoon at Wheaton College (January 20). Authors Dan Kimball (photo at left) and Skye Jethani (photo at right) made presentations (Dan’s was given the evening before) and answered questions. The event … Continue reading

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