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Brother Yun: A Final Word

It should be evident by now that I was profoundly moved by the visit of Brother Yun to Chicago. I was even more profoundly moved by his ministry to me and by the friendship that we established by spending time … Continue reading

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More Reflections On Brother Yun: Checking Out the Facts on the Personal Attacks

I am grateful for all of the comments posted regarding my recent posts about Brother Yun. I hope that these posts have encouraged you to be more like Christ, not simply to support Brother Yun. His expressed intention is not … Continue reading

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Christianity East & West

Tonight ACT 3 hosts another in its series of ecumenical dialogues that are aimed at giving Christians the opportunity to meet believers from traditions and churches other than their own. We have done several of these events with Roman Catholic … Continue reading

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Smoke and Fire Theology: Lessons I Learned from Brother Yun

Paul Hattaway, co-author and editor of Brother Yun’s two books (The Heavenly Man and Living Water) is also committed to defending the character of Brother Yun. You can read his entire “Open Letter” at Asia Harvest. I have read this … Continue reading

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News About Brother Yun's Time in Denver

When I was working on Brother Yun’s schedule for his Chicago visit, about six weeks before this last weekend, a good friend and solid missions leader, Rev. Ray Prigodich, became involved in my efforts. Ray is an elder at Village … Continue reading

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USC: Overrated!

The college football polls rated USC a near unanimous number one team in the land the last two weeks. The experts, after they blew out Ohio State a week ago Saturday, said this team could only lose to USC and … Continue reading

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Brother Yun: Do Not Let Good Be Spoken of As Evil

In this my third blog on the visit of Brother Yun to the Chicago area, I am following the admonition of Paul in Romans 14:16: "Therefore do not let what you know to be good to be spoken of as … Continue reading

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Brother Yun and the Slander of Christians

As noted in yesterday’s post I had the opportunity to spend several days with the Chinese minister Brother Yun, who has lived in Germany since his escape from China in 1997. Brother Yun’s story is widely known. I urge you … Continue reading

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Brother Yun's Weekend in Chicago

Many of you know, from the several posts that I put up last week, that ACT 3 hosted the well-known Chinese minister Brother Yun this past weekend (September 20-21). We invited Brother Yun to speak at several different events we … Continue reading

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The Economy and the Candidates: The Week That Shook Our Economic Tree

The past week was one of the most amazing weeks in U. S. economic history. Yet the stock index closed higher at the end of the week than it was at the beginning, reminding us of how volatile the market … Continue reading

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