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A New Low for Evangelism in America

Scaring the hell out of teenagers will cost you $299 this year if you intend to use the Hell House Outreach kit written by the Rev. Kennan Roberts, of New Destiny Christian Center in Denver, Colorado. I’m not making this … Continue reading

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Back to the Future: On Ancient-Future Christianity

My friend Bob Webber has been a future thinker for a lifetime. When I was a college student he often troubled me while he also deeply challenged me. (With life experience I have learned that this combination is often a … Continue reading

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Mission Is The Mother of All Theology

Martin Kahler appears to have been the first theologian to say it: "Mission is the mother of all theology." I concur completely. One of the major problems of Protestant orthodoxy, especially when it becomes scholastic and academic in form, is … Continue reading

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A Visit to GTU

GTU is the Graduate Theological Union, a fully accredited association of theological schools situated in the San Francisco Bay area. I visited GTU yesterday with my friend Andrew Sandlin. We went to look for that special book that we have … Continue reading

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The Growing Stature of Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama, the junior senator from my state of Illinois, is presently the most talked about politician in America. I am not sympathetic with some of the political philosophy of Barrack Obama. If he is nominated for the presidency in … Continue reading

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The Politics of Jesus?

We have had a book called God’s Politics, by Jim Wallis. Now we have one called The Politics of Jesus, by Obery M. Henricks, Jr. Does anyone on the Left, who so freely decries the Right for their excessive claims … Continue reading

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An Interview I Enjoyed

I am in Newark, Delaware, this weekend in order to speak at the 20th anniversary celebration of Glasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church. This afternoon the pastor, Dr. Charles Betters, arranged for an interview session with Bryan Chapell and myself. I hope … Continue reading

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Donna Shalala's Willful Blindness

The University of Miami has become a great football powerhouse over the past twenty years or so, winning several national championships. It has also earned a reputation for problem athletes and bad behavior, both on and off the field. Last … Continue reading

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The iPod Revolution

As I road the Metro underground in Washington, D.C., this week I was struck by how much the iPod revolution has impacted people under 35 in age. I estimated, on about six or seven different trips that I took on … Continue reading

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The Work of Renewal & the ACR

I have the inestimable joy of serving on the Association for Church Renewal (ACR). This group existed for many years as an ad hoc committee of various renewal voices in the mainline denominations. The reason these men and women met … Continue reading

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