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Salvation and the Christian Life – Doing Theology in the Era of Global Ecumenism, Part 3

When Catholics and Protestants engage in the polemics of theological polarities they quite often misrepresent one another. In the process they miss the deeper fruit of real ecumenism in doing confessing Christian theology. Non-theologians often do this more poorly because … Continue reading

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God’s Plan of Salvation Is One

The cornerstone of the Christian faith is expressed in the Shema. In Hebrew the text of the Shema is only six words, but in English it reads: “Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.” The Shema … Continue reading

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John Newton’s Three Great Surprises

The amazing John Newton (1725-1807), writer of the greatest hymn (Amazing Grace) of all-time, was a “slaver” on a ship that hauled African captives to Great Britain for sale. His life was debauched and depraved beyond excess. He had no … Continue reading

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Let Us Stop Judging

One of the most amazing autobiographical texts in all the letters of Paul occurs in the first chapter of his Epistle to the Philippians. Here we read a powerful and moving account of Paul’s personal circumstances. (The italics used in … Continue reading

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Those Who Are Not Against Jesus Are For Him

In my book, Your Church Is Too Small, I urge what I call “missional ecumenism.” This is a textured theological way of saying that we need to show the world our unity by what we do together, especially in talking … Continue reading

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The Light That Shines Upon Us

The Gospel of Luke reveals to us an angelic prophecy regarding the birth of John the Baptist that was given to Zechariah. I never read this text (Luke 1:5-25) without imagining what it would have been like to go about … Continue reading

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Philomena – A Film That Reveals Gospel Grace and Forgiveness

I saw the new movie Philomena last week. I was unprepared for how much this film would move me to the depths of my spirit. It is my “sleeper” film for 2013! I noted this weekend, with great joy, that … Continue reading

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Waiting for Another MLK – What Can We Do As Christians?

My good friend Rev. Carlos Malave, the executive director of Christian Churches Together USA, shared a lovely meal with me in Louisville just a few weeks ago. Carlos was raised in the Seventh Day Adventist church but eventually became a … Continue reading

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Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama – The Legacy Lives (3)

Birmingham pastor Fred Shuttlesworth (1922–2011) was known as a fiery preacher in the 1950s when he served the Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham as a young minister. Born in Mount Meigs, Alabama, Shuttlesworth was licensed and ordained as a preacher … Continue reading

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Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama – The Legacy Lives (1)

Organized in 1873, the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church was the first black church in Birmingham, Alabama. Initially, the congregation worshiped in a small building but in 1880 the church’s meeting place moved to its present location at 16th Street and … Continue reading

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