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FDR's Holocaust Legacy – A Lesson in the Failure of Moral Courage

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was, and still is, one of most admired and esteemed presidents in American history. I grew up hearing a lot of good things about FDR. I also heard some bad things from those who felt the … Continue reading

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Overregulation Cuts Across Both Parties: The Real Danger of Xenophobia

Republicans routinely criticize the Obama administration for overregulation. I believe this criticism is just in many instances. It is interesting to see this administration back away from a whole host of regulations in the present recession because they realize (pragmatically) … Continue reading

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Chicago Events on Immigration and the Church

Dr. Richard Land, head of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, will be giving a talk at Wheaton College on the evening of Wednesday, March 2, discussing “A Moral and Just Response to the Immigration … Continue reading

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Taking a Step Backwards

The debate about Arizona’s law on immigration continues as the decision heads toward a federal appeals ruling in November. I keep looking for balanced and compassionate ways to address this problem that so clearly divides Christians and the nation. (One … Continue reading

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Our Immigration Policy Is Broken

I have written a few posts over the last months about immigration. The more I study this issue the more convinced I am that our policy is completely broken. Can anyone seriously doubt this conclusion? The problem is no one … Continue reading

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Welcoming the Stranger : A Church Leaders’ Conversation on Immigration

One of the most complicated issues the church faces today is immigration. Is it legal for your church to minister to immigrants without legal status? And, what is the biblical response to the immigration debate? This thorny issue will be … Continue reading

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Loving Your Neighbors or Dividing the Church: The Immigration Issue in a Missional-Ecumenical Context

I have written a good deal about the present immigration debate. I will continue to write about it because it resonates so deeply with faith and Christian mission. I would be willing to argue that no issue, at least one … Continue reading

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