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What You Can Do About the Kenya Massacre: Choose to Love

Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe Once again the senseless massacre of almost 150 students in Kenya has demonstrated the fallenness and depravity of humanity. It is impossible to comprehend the depth of brutality that human beings can perpetrate against others, particularly children … Continue reading

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Spiritual Friendship: Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian (A Review)

Today’s guest writer is Dan Brennan, author of the important book, Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions: Engaging the Mystery of Friendship Between Men and Women. “Where was I to find love? Where was I to give love? If Scripture and the … Continue reading

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Are We Ignoring Domestic Violence?

The growing problem of domestic violence has come under profound scrutiny in recent months because the problem has surfaced quite often in the world of professional sports. Sports Illustrated, which has a great knack for solid journalism and good writing, … Continue reading

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What a Classic Movie Can Teach Us About the Church

Today’s Guest Blogger is Dr. Dave Lescalleet Every year our family watches the 1952 classic movie The Quiet Man as a way to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.  This film, because of its Ireland location, is more and more associated with … Continue reading

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Christianity East & West: An Evangelical Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Dialog (Video)

Several years ago ACT3 staged a dialogue on unity and diversity between two Orthodox theologians and two Protestant evangelical theologians. This Sunday evening event was hosted by First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Greetings were given by Fr. Wilbur … Continue reading

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Cardinal Francis George (1937-2015): My Personal Tribute to My Friend

Christian charity is a virtue that is widely recognizable. Where the church goes compassion and care for the poorest and weakest follows. Missionaries and Christian teachers have opened hospitals, cared for orphans, the widows and the poor. Where the Christian … Continue reading

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Aaron Niequist on the Power of Christian Unity

Last week I shared some dynamic material from the ministry of my friend Aaron Niequest. Today you can hear Aaron on the power and importance of Christian Unity. His voice is one of a growing number of younger leaders who … Continue reading

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The Killing That Stunned America: April 14, 1865

One hundred-and-fifty years ago on this day America was emerging from its long nightmare, a war between the states that we call the American Civil War. More Americans died in this four-plus year conflict than in all other military operations in … Continue reading

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Facebook & Twitter: My Life Course Corrections (2 of 2)

Yesterday I wrote about my personal journey in using the social media. In particular I wrote about Facebook and Twitter. I am not an expert on these media resources by any stretch. I do know how they have impacted my … Continue reading

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John Hagee: Reflections on My Facebook Post (Part 4 of 4)

When I previously wrote about John Hagee I defended my link and comment by saying that Hagee is misleading multitudes. I believe this is apparent once you read the biblical texts above and then read what Hagee is saying. Then … Continue reading

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