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Payback: How We Understand Debt and Revenge

The famous Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood defines the subject of her book “Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth” — which originated as the 2008 Massey Lectures in Toronto — as “one of the most worrisome and puzzling things … Continue reading

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Climate Science and Evangelicals

One of the true hot-button issues conservatives routinely debate  is climate science and global warming. I have listened to some of the strangest and most confusing debate over this issue. Some of the worst debate over this issue is routinely … Continue reading

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Burning the Future: What Do You Know About Coal in America?

I have frequently noted that documentary films are almost always biased. This does not mean they are worthless, not in the least. It just means they take a stance, in advance of the making of the film, and then pursue … Continue reading

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Is God Green? Making Sense of the Environmental Debate Among Christians

Is God Green?Bill Moyers on AmericaFilms for the Humanities & Sciences (2006)60 minutes The issue of the environment has clearly appeared on the radar screen of evangelical Christians over the past eight years. Is this a good thing or a … Continue reading

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