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Our Love Is Too Small – An Update and a Plan

Today I posted an email to over 1,800 readers of my ACT3 Weekly, a regular Monday letter. I would love to have many more of you receive this regular email. You can sign up at This allows you to … Continue reading

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Westminster Theological Seminary – Can Institutions Respond to Controversy in Radical Love? (Seven)

In this, my final post about the culture and conflict at Westminster Theological Seminary (if you do not know what this is about then see my posts from last week) I offer some more thoughts about how a “spirituality of … Continue reading

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“Manny Being Manny” – Who Is this “New” Manny Ramirez?

Former Major League Baseball all-star Manny Ramirez was the perennial “bad boy” of the sport. With his long dreadlocks, sullen attitude, disrespect for the game in general and inability to get along with teammates, the perennial slugger was both a … Continue reading

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Jesus Prays for His Own – A Sermon (John 17)

The life of our Lord Jesus Christ had an intentionally designed dramatic climax. He was “born to die.” This was not just any death for any person but a death which revealed the depth of God’s love for the world (John … Continue reading

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Robert Barron on Effective Evangelizing in Our Modern Context

I am in the midst of a blog series titled: “Must the Reformation Wars Continue?” Today I share a short video that is worth watching if you want to see how an outstanding Catholic communicator, and a really good friend, speaks … Continue reading

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Is Love Stronger Than an Argument?

In the midst of my short blog series on the recent “Reformation Wars” over the pope’s faith I want to “hit pause” and lead off this new week with a video. I recently made this video in my gazebo, the … Continue reading

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“Our Love Is Too Small” Video

Most of you who frequent my blog spot are aware that I wrote a book titled Your Church Is Too Small in March 2010. This book has redefined my life and ministry. I am now writing a sequel, or you could … Continue reading

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The Divine Interpretation of Christ’s Death

As I have been working my way through writing the first draft of my book, Our Love Is Too Small, I have confessed that nothing draws us more deeply into the love of God than the death of Christ “for … Continue reading

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Missional-Ecumenism in Early 20th Century India

Bishop Vedanayagam Samuel Azariah (August 17, 1874 – January 1, 1945), simply known as V. S. Azariah, was an Indian Anglican bishop. He was also a very important pioneer of Christian ecumenism in India. Azariah became the first Indian bishop … Continue reading

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Friendship, Mentors and Divine Love

Someone recently wrote to me about relationships – comparing the various kinds of human relationships we have in terms of our different kinds of friends; including our peers and mentors/mentees. The dictionary says that a friend is a person known well … Continue reading

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