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Bible Reading or Bible Engaging?

My own tradition puts a lot of emphasis upon reading the Bible, even reading it each day as a part of morning devotional practice. I heard about Bible reading from as far back as I can remember. I also read … Continue reading

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In Search of Deep Faith

I had the joy of meeting Dr. Jim Belcher some years ago when he pastored Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, California. I cultivated a growing relationship with Jim, and his family, and spoke several times to his congregation. I … Continue reading

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Pray for Sister Madge and the Mission of Christ in South Africa

Sister Madge Karecki is a dear friend to me and many others. Madge knows how to make and enjoy deep friendships like few people that I have met in the last several years. Sadly, at least for her scores of … Continue reading

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Do You Want to Understand Others?

Research released last week suggests that if you want to better equip people to understand others, and help their mental well-being, you should encourage them to put down their popular, commercial fiction and read more classic literary fiction. In a … Continue reading

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Seminaries, Pastoral Training and the Future of the Church in North America

I visited the campus of Northern Seminary in nearby Lombard (IL) last week to meet with Greg Henson, the chief of institutional advancement for the school. Greg and I were connected by three mutual friends within the short span of … Continue reading

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James Meredith: An Idiosyncratic American

Yesterday I gave an overview of James Meredith’s new book, A Mission from God. Today I follow-up that blog with reflections on the final chapter of this moving civil rights memoir. After telling about his interesting and rather eccentric life … Continue reading

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The Real Threat to Personal Faith Commitment to Christ

I would argue that in America the impact of personal and social secularization is different than in virtually all other Western nations. The reason for this is because religion was never formally established in America as a function in which … Continue reading

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Missional-Ecumenism in Milwaukee (3)

When I visited City on a Hill, the urban Milwaukee mission center that I wrote about yesterday, I sensed the presence of God in this place instantly. The people were warm, caring and joyful. The place was clean and the … Continue reading

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Jesus the Catechist

Many Christians react to the use of a catechism for teaching Christian doctrine. (I reacted myself until I was already a young pastor around thirty years of age!) I remember a lady in my church, speaking up in a congregational … Continue reading

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Why Theological Education Fails the Need of Our Times

My title is big and broad, I understand. I believe, simply put, that contemporary theological education is failing to produce true leaders. We teach to our level of competence and the competence of most of our best schools is to … Continue reading

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