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Pope Francis and the Faith of Non-Christians

On Friday, September 25, Pope Francis visited Ground Zero in New York City to pay respect for life and to pray for healing and peace. Many Christians have expressed dismay that the pope did not mention the name of Jesus … Continue reading

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Muslim Attacks in Kenya: "Blessed are the Peacemakers"

On July 1 International Christian Concern reported that suspected members of the Islamic radical group, Al-Shabaab, attacked two Christian churches and killed 17 Christians in Harissa, Kenya. These attacks took place during Sunday morning worship services. The news is now … Continue reading

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Why It's Important to Oppose Anti-Sharia Movements in America

Since 9-11 many Americans have reacted strongly against Muslims and Islamic laws. Some see the presence of Muslims as a threat to our nation. Others are more open but are still guided by a great deal of fear when it … Continue reading

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The Misuse of Free Speech is Harmful

I am a huge defender of free speech. It is a core value and a cherished right of all Americans. I believe it is a double-edged sword but one that should be protected. Now and then we have obvious examples … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of Syria: Christians in the Crossfire

If you watch or follow American news, from the left or the right, you hear continual calls for our government, working with the United Nations, to engage militarily with the Syrian government in support of the rebels in that nation. … Continue reading

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America is Safe: You Can Thank a Muslim

In all the remembrance of 9/11 I heard little said about Muslims, except faint echoes of fear and continued mistrust. For Christians this response is anything but right. Not only does it reflect fear and loathing but it is simply … Continue reading

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Steve Brown Etc. "Religion: Sickness or Cure?"

One of my favorite persons is Steve Brown. He also does one of my favorite radio programs called Steve Brown Etc.  Brown also teaches on Key Life, a fifteen-minute syndicated radio show heard around the country on around 300 radio … Continue reading

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Should We Condemn the Actions of Pastor Terry Jones?

By now you know the story of Florida pastor Terry Jones. Jones is the pastor of a tiny church called Dove World Outreach Center. (Where do people come up with these names?) By all appearances there is not much “outreach” … Continue reading

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Egypt's Muslims Stand By Coptic Christians at a Mass

I wrote a post on January 7 about Muhammad and Muslims. I think it is important for us to realize that what we are fed by the media, especially the more conservative TV media and the numerous talkers on radio, … Continue reading

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Islam and Christian Charity: How Far Should We Go?

I wrote yesterday a review of the film: Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (January 6). Just after posting this review I read an article in the Christianity Today online site that caught my attention.  I highly recommend it as a … Continue reading

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