More Whacky Eschatology Gone Bad?

A 15-year old high school student in the San Antonio (TX) has sued her school district for requiring her to wear “the mark of the beast.” I’m not making this up friends. Andrea Hernandez believes a locating device, increasingly used inside various contexts as an ID, is a violation of her rights to freedom and more directly to her Christian … Read More

Common Ground: God's Gift of a Restored Marriage

Common Ground: God’s Gift of a Restored Marriage, by Gordon Bals, is a book “God can use” according to best-selling author Larry Crabb. I agree and this is why I endorsed the book by writing: Books on marriage are very numerous, but really good books on marriage are quite rare. This is a really good book! Couples will surely benefit … Read More

The Spiritual State of the Nation (6)

I continue my series , now in six parts, on the recent federal election. I believe the election, and the exit polling results, reveals our current spiritual state quite starkly. I thus begin by making a suggestion that will likely offend some who do not grasp the nature of what I am really saying in this series of blogs. Stop … Read More

The Spiritual State of the Nation (5)

The recent federal election reveals that the social, religious and political landscape of America invites new coalitions that are broader than any one church, community or tribal faction. If only one party benefits, and that by the force of raw will, then large numbers of people in this increasingly diverse nation will continue to resist the ideas being proposed. The … Read More

Acton University–June 18-21, 2013

The Acton Institute is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2013 Acton University (AU), which will take place on June 18-21 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For four days each June, the Acton Institute convenes an ecumenical conference of pastors, seminarians, educators, non-profit managers, business people and philanthropists from more than 50 countries in Grand Rapids. Here, 800 people of … Read More

How Shall We Remember our History This Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day remains my favorite U.S. holiday. It is so simple, so unencumbered by troublesome trappings. Though the infamous “Black Friday” specials begin almost before Thanksgiving Day is over this day essentially remains non-material in its orientation. It is also family-centered in most instances. Celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving has officially been an … Read More

"Skyfall"–The Best Bond Film of All?

“Skyfall,” the new James Bond film, is more realistic and believable than any Bond film I’ve seen. It is also much less cavalier in its attitude toward morality and womanizing than we have come to expect from the various Bond films. I actually liked it and recommend it, especially if you like action and espionage as much as I do. … Read More

The Spiritual State of the Nation (4)

Yesterday I continued my survey of what recent election exit polling told us about great divisions that are ever so apparent in America culture today. Our national election revealed some huge divides that are not likely to be resolved anytime soon. What does all of this mean for us spiritually as a nation of almost 315 million people? Defining Ourselves … Read More

The Spiritual State of the Nation (3)

Last week I began a review of the exit-polling data from our recent national election that has been crunched an analyzed since November 7. It provides some intriguing story lines that are clearly emerging. It also reveals something to us about the spiritual state of our nation. For example, the National Catholic Reporter says, “We live in a new America.” … Read More