A Word About Blog Comments and My Internet Mission

I am so grateful for all of you who comment on these blog posts. I welcome your comments, even when you disagree with me or push back about what I write. The only comments that I ever block, and this is extremely rare, are those that are intemperate and/or expressions of personal cyber rage. Several have asked me why this … Read More

The Church After the Bible

My current ACT 3 Weekly article, sent by email subscription on Monday each week, is a continuation of the series I am currently doing on “Understanding the Bible.” This series, and previous issues, are all archived and available on the ACT 3 website. Many Bible-reading Christians seem to think that if you know the text of Holy Scripture, and exegete that … Read More

Agape Love and Religious Liberty

St. Augustine’s reasoning, on force and human freedom, demonstrates how essential it is for Christians to balance their desire that all persons know God’s truth as revealed in Jesus Christ with their recognition that the only coercion they should apply is that of reason and love. The essential flaw of Augustine’s argument is the assumption that the end justifies the means. The … Read More

An Evangelical Response to Dignitatis Humanae

After presenting an overview of Vatican II’s discussion and passage of Dignitatis Humanae at Lewis University (last week) I then proceeded to set forth an evangelical view of religious freedom, or at least one that I believe accords well with the view I personally hold as a Christian. I began with 1 John 4:8: “God is love.” This terse statement … Read More

A Dialogue on Vatican II and The Declaration on Religious Liberty

Last Tuesday (10/18) I was invited to participate, as a Protestant evangelical, in a special symposium called “Living Vatican II in the Twenty-First Century.” This event was an interdisciplinary, ecumenical and interfaith conversation based on a celebration of the Council’s 50th anniversary. The entire event took place between September 18-21 and was sponsored by the Lewis University Center for Ministry … Read More

How the Apostles Really Evangelized

Yesterday, I quoted a paragraph from a friend about Jesus being central to everything; i.e. He is the message of the Good News. This paragraph, from my good friend Fr. Joe Girzone, elicited a response from him to me of a story he shared that I now share with you. Again I am with Joe completely in the point he … Read More

Jesus Is the Message, Period

I am convinced about one thing that really matters: Jesus is everything! Jesus is mankind’s best and only hope. He is the Savior of the world and the salvation of all who long and search. Our most enjoyable and wonderful task is to “make him known.” We can do that in many ways but the goal is always to share him, … Read More

A Pastor's Personal Vision for a Missional Church

I write a great deal about “missional church.” One of my close friends, Pastor Stan Wiedeman, serves a congregation in the metro-Chicago area. He has been in this ministry for 13 years. Stan recently wrote a vision-casting document to his elders asking them to consider the future of their ministry more carefully. He sent me a copy to read, seeking … Read More

Reading the Bible: From the Apostles to Us

Each Monday, for the last eight years, I have published an e-article called the ACT 3 Weekly. Many readers of this blog do not even know these articles are published and I’ve discovered that readers here have never been to our ACT 3 site to sign up for these mailings. Presently we are rebuilding the ACT 3 website and reworking … Read More

Complete Trust and Commercial Assurances

In the worship of this past Lord’s Day the divine liturgy that I shared in led us to confess that there were times when we failed to think of God’s call upon our lives properly. Because of these times we could not live an “impossible dream” because we saw this call as “an unwelcome interruption.” I was struck by how … Read More