Someone Please Tell Sarah Palin To Stop the Sniping

John ArmstrongPolitics

I really do not care about the political actions and ambitions of Sarah Palin. For one she never even finished a single term as governor of her state. Through an inexplicably strange choice made by John McCain (I wonder if he would do it again?) she came on the national stage with an amazing splash. She did fire up the … Read More

My Top Five Films for 2010

John ArmstrongFilm

The number of really superb films has declined in recent years. The last year in which there were a significant number of truly great films was probably 2007. But there were some good films this year, even perhaps a few great ones. I have not seen all the biggest films but I have seen all that I want to see … Read More

An Interview on Radio Free Acton

John ArmstrongACT 3, Missional-Ecumenism

Acton Institute produces an audio blog called Radio Free Acton. When I was in Grand Rapids in December I spoke to Acton on Tap. After my presentation I was interviewed for this Acton online program. The link above takes you to this audio feature, which has two parts. You will have to listen to the first to get to my … Read More

A Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

John ArmstrongUnity of the Church

January 18-25 has been a week of prayer for Christian unity for over a century. This blog will help you understand more about this week and how you can share in this important time for Christians around the globe.

On Delivering Reproof in Love

John ArmstrongDiscipleship, Friendship

For as long as I can remember I have found that few Christians know how to deliver reproof to their brothers and sisters in a way that is effective and humane. We have turned “speaking the truth in love” into a virtual blank check to correct others at any time and in any form we think permissible. Our reasoning seems … Read More

Christians in Dangerous Places: The Call to Die for Christ

John ArmstrongDiscipleship

We in the West do everything within our power to keep ourselves out of harm’s way. We are routinely told the state is always seeking to protect us. In fact, we are ostensibly engaged in two wars to this end. Our leaders know that we are in some danger all the time and they remind us routinely that they are … Read More

Religion & Liberty: The Work of Acton Institute

John ArmstrongEconomy/Economics, Ideology, Poverty

About seven years ago I got to know the work of the Acton Institute by attending a conference aptly called: “Toward a Free and Virtue Society.” There were about 30 young adults at this event at a location in the Northeast and hosted by Acton. It was taught by Catholic and Protestant scholars on the subject of religion, economics and … Read More

A Conference on Faith & Sexuality

John ArmstrongCulture, Current Affairs, Homosexuality

Yesterday I attended a local conference on faith & sexuality hosted by Dr. Tracy S. Malone, senior pastor of Gary United Methodist Church in Wheaton. Dr. Malone, and her congregation, invited four panelists to share in a civil, respectful and grace-filled conversation. Though the purpose of the event was to discuss sexuality more broadly the primary thrust, as you might … Read More

Egypt's Muslims Stand By Coptic Christians at a Mass

John ArmstrongIslam, Love

I wrote a post on January 7 about Muhammad and Muslims. I think it is important for us to realize that what we are fed by the media, especially the more conservative TV media and the numerous talkers on radio, is often imbalanced. It is definitely not gospel. We ought to see it for what it really is, opinion and … Read More