Important News from ACT 3

In our ACT 3 Year-End Report we announced a series of forums for the first Thursday each month. The next meeting was set for this Thursday evening, February 3. Please note that the Forum Series has been discontinued for the remainder of this year. In place of these forums we are embarking upon what we believe to be a more … Read More

The Church is for the World

It seems to me that multitudes of Christians have missed the simple idea that the church exists for others. We are called to be the incarnate presence of Jesus, by the Spirit working in us as God’s people (John 20:31). This is at the very center of what it means to be missional. The church exists not for itself but … Read More

The Best Mascot in College Sports?

I know, I know, I am biased to my toes. But how could columnist Todd Kaufmann rate Big Al No. 42 in the Top 50 best college mascots? Here is what Kaufmann wrote about my favorite elephant: Big Al is a stud and we don't want to mess with elephants. They'll trample you. That's where the elephant came from in … Read More

50 Millions Lives Wasted

The National Right to Life calculates that 50 million abortions have been performed in America since the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. 38 years and 50 millions deaths. That is staggering to me. 50 millions human fetuses have been denied their most basic right, “the right to life.” For those who do not know the history of this decision … Read More

Catholics and Evangelicals in Canada to Pursue Unity

The Catholic Church in Canada has agreed to begin a formal theological dialogue with Evangelicals. "It's a new thing in Canada," said Margaret O'Gara, a theology professor at Toronto's University of St. Michael's College who has been involved in Protestant, Anglican and Orthodox dialogue for the past 35 years. She will be among the Catholic participants. "We all have the … Read More

The Pope on Missional-Ecumenism

When Peter Seewald’s book Light of the World, based upon extensive interviews of Pope Benedict XVI, was released a few months ago it was met with consider fanfare in the media. The reason was Pope Benedict’s response to the question about using condoms to help save lives and stop the spread of HIV. When I read Light of the World … Read More

Knox Theological Seminary: A Small Gem in a Sea of Huge Change

I had the unique privilege of teaching my course, “Unity in Christ’s Mission,” January 10-14 at Knox Theological Seminary in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I had been to Knox many years ago to speak at a commencement service. It was a day-in and day-out experience so I got very little flavor for the faculty or the students. I remember arriving at … Read More