How the Church Can Properly Respond to Same-Sex Practice

I have frequently suggested that the church is making huge mistakes in how it addresses the modern same-sex debate. Let me explain, albeit simply, what I mean. I want to articulate several truths that I believe we desperately need if we are to move forward with a compassionate and faithful biblical alternative to accepting everything the culture tells us about … Read More

Angelina’s Jolie’s Search for Love

Angelina Jolie’s search for love is both admirable and deeply human. I don’t usually follow the personal lives of Hollywood stars, though I am a fan of many genres of film, but Jolie’s story was featured in the Sunday Parade magazine a few weeks ago and I read it. Like most Hollywood stars she has gone through several husbands and … Read More

Summer Hours: A Modern Family in the Global Village

Summer Hours, a wonderful new French film by contemporary French director Olivier Assayas, has earned multiple awards. It is personal, at times even moving, look at family life that provides a rather wonderful amazing look into the realities of a globalized modern family in France. The story is rather simple. Three siblings, played by Charles Berling, Jérémie Rénier and Juliette … Read More

How the New Ecumenism Differs from the Old

Most Christians in the West have some kind of impression about the word ecumenism. I grew up in a context that held the word itself in suspicion. As best I can tell we thought the word represented the worst of compromise. To us ecumenism led Christians to give up the gospel at the expense of unity. As a young minister, … Read More

The Son of Hamas

One of the most talked-about books I have come across in recent months is: Son of Hamas, written by Mosab Hassan Yousef. Yousef, still a young man in his early thirties, was an insider to the Hamas terrorist organization for more than a decade. Mosab, now called “Joseph,” is the eldest child of Sheikf Hassan Yousef’s, thus the title “son … Read More

People Matter. Things Don’t.

Since I’ve mentioned meeting with several new friends over the last few days I will write about one more such friend today. This is a brother I met many years ago but in God’s providence we did not get “connected” until a few days ago. The title I have on this post is taken from the web site of the … Read More

How Can We Equip Marketplace Leaders for Christ’s Kingdom?

I mentioned yesterday my recent trip to southern California and my lunch with Paul Cedar of Mission America Coalition. On this same trip I also had a great lunch with Bob Shank. I had heard of Bob but knew little about him until this trip. Bob is a native and lifetime resident of Southern California. He spent 14 years as … Read More

Pope Benedict’s Visit to Great Britain

I have followed the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom this week with prayerful interest. This is a momentous time for all Christians in the UK. When you consider the history of the Christian church in Britain, the division and bloodshed that followed the reign of Henry VIII and the bitter religious conflict for the centuries that … Read More

Wanted: Leaders Who Understand the Times & Know What to Do

In 1 Chronicles 12:32 we have a mention of one of the tribes of Israel that was called to be David’s warriors. The text says of these men of Issachar that they were “all men [who] understood the times and prepared for battle.” Doug Birdsall, the executive chairman of the Lausanne Movement, writes: “These last two decades have been like … Read More

Whose Gospel? An Argument for Progressive Christianity

Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr. is the founder and president of the Healing of the Nations Foundation and the senior minister emeritus of the famous Riverside Church in New York City. He was also a professor at Union Theological Seminary and has hosted The Time Is Now on Air America Radio. Forbes is a social and political liberal who preaches … Read More