Donald G. Bloesch: On the Death of My Friend

Donald G. Bloesch, a prominent evangelical theologian who was an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, passed away last Tuesday, August 24. This news deeply moved me since Dr. Bloesch was one of my most trusted and beloved mentors. This was true even though I never formally studied under Don as a professor. My relationship was far more … Read More

Do You Know Who Is and Is Not a Real Christian?

One of the most common responses I have run into about my thesis regarding missional-ecumenism comes down to this question: “I cannot cooperate with churches and people who are not Christian!” If it were only this simple. You know who is and is not a follower of Christ and thus you can clearly judge the matter and not cooperate with … Read More

Digital Books, the Internet and the Future

I am both a reader and a writer. I once had an immense library but I have sold about 60% of it in the last four years. I sold some of my best books earlier this year, removing about 35-40% of my theology section. I confess that this was not easy to do but it became increasingly obvious that it … Read More

The Uncertainty Principle

There is a theory, or model, in economics called “the uncertainty principle.” Such a cycle comes about when companies and small businesses are not convinced that it is a good time to invest and grow a business. Now I am not an economist. I read some economics and I know just enough to be aware but not overly anxious. I … Read More

Reforming the Home Church

Yesterday I reported on the growing home church movement and gave some reasons why this development is happening. I have to say that I see this movement in a more positive light than some I know but I believe the impulse of true reformation is needed here as everywhere else. Toward this end I ask some questions about the home … Read More

A Parody That Rocks

North Point Church in Atlanta is one of the better known mega-churches in America. Led by Andy Stanley the church is known for taking the gospel seriously. It is also a church that is not afraid to look at a lot that is being done today with a biblically critical eye. This video will make you laugh and it just … Read More

The Home Church Movement

There seems to be little doubt that the “home church,” or the informal church that meets in the houses of participants, is growing across America. The Barna Group estimates that between 6 and 12 million people now attend a home church in America. The reliable Pew Forum discovered that 9 percent of American Protestants attend home church exclusively. Any movement … Read More

How Does Changing the Law Impact Marriage?

Does changing the law about marriage, to include gay marriage as a legal norm, have any bearing on the culture in general, and one man/one woman marriage in particular? I argued yesterday that it does and I believe many of the advocates of gay marriage admit the same if we bother to listen to them. I gave evidence of these … Read More

Will Same-Sex Marriage Undermine Your Marriage and Family?

Would the legalization of gay marriage affect traditional marriage in America? Note carefully the question I’ve actually posed here. Mine is not a moral question, in and of itself, but a pragmatic and philosophical question. “What would happen to the institution of marriage in our society if we embrace gay marriage?” It might surprise you to find out that changing … Read More

The Value and Importance of the Apostles Creed

The most commonly asked question I have received about missional-ecumenism, at least from many conservative Christians, is this: “How can we work together with other Christians if we do not agree on essential Christian doctrine?” Added to this is the concern that somehow I am asking Christians to give up something important to the faith. I believe the answer to … Read More