The ACT 3 Weekly: A Resource for Leaders Who Think

Many of you who regularly visit this blog are not readers of the much more important Internet writing that I do for ACT 3. Each Monday we publish a weekly article that runs from 1,200 to 1,800 words. This feature is also available as a podcast via iTunes. Many love to listen to me give this thought-provoking piece on their … Read More

Sharing a Vision, Building a Movement of God’s Spirit

From the inception of ACT 3 as a mission, back in 1991, I have believed in the church. I have three great loves: (1) Jesus Christ; (2) The Holy Scriptures; and (3) The Church. The church encompasses the whole body of Christ (catholic/universal). It also encompasses the congregation where you gather in worship and fellowship with others. But, as I … Read More

What Makes the Present Moment So Unique in History?

What makes this period in human history so unique? Is even the idea that we are living in unique and unusual times really all that important? Wouldn’t people living in any previous era have said the same thing and been right, at least to some significant point? Well, of course the answer is yes but there really is something about … Read More

One More Word on Love from Mount Athos

Over the past few Lord’s Days, during the month of June, I have posted some reflections on love from the writings of Staretz Silouan (1866-1938), a monk who lived on the most famous site in Orthodox Christendom, Mount Athos in Greece. Silouan’s writings have been published in several small volumes, one of which is simply titled: Wisdom From Mount Athos. … Read More

Out of the Mouths of Children: “Billy Graham’s Fruit Salad”

When we (John and me) were serving in our first pastorate, in a suburban church-planting experience southwest of Chicago, we were often invited out to dinner to our parishioners’ homes. One of our all time favorite recipes was collected from one of those dinners. It was called: “Billie Carlson’s Fruit Salad.” (Billie Carlson was, of course, the parishioner’s name!) I … Read More

Take What You Find Useful and Leave the Rest

Several months ago a reader of this blog wrote me a gracious email encouraging me in my work and mission. He added that he had read C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity again and as a result of this reading he had come to realize that the posture Lewis was teaching from was one that he rarely saw these days. My … Read More

What Does the Millennial Generation Have to Give to the Church?

Rachel Held Evans is a young woman with an unusual talent to express the Christian faith in ways that relate to her own generation with power and clarity. I discovered her blog last August in the midst of the conflict over the Lutheran Church (ELCA) adopting a sympathetic position on same-sex practice. She was particularly chagrined by the reaction of … Read More

Christian Community Development is a Kingdom Priority

Christians in America have far too little interest in  economic and community development. We have generally argued that our mission is spiritual and the saving of communities is not our concern. I personally cared next to nothing about community development until I got to know my good friend John Perkins (photo left). An evening with John in my home, some … Read More

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Below the surface, unseen to most who attend the church on the typical Sunday, lies the fundamental question: How can leaders and churches be enabled to discern and obediently cooperate with the guidance and the power of the Holy Spirit? The kingdom of God is an active expression of the reign of Christ on earth. That reign is presently revealed … Read More

What Is the Role of Tradition in Church Unity?

I grew up in a background that had little or no regard for Christian Tradition so it seems more than a little odd that the name of my mission, ACT 3, stands for Advancing the Christian Tradition in the Third Millennium. More than one person has asked, “Why on earth do you want to advance tradition?” Their assumption is that … Read More