Be Very Afraid

Robert Wuthnow is a professor of sociology at Princeton University and the author of numerous articles and books about American culture. His particular expertise has been in showing how America’s religious faith intersects with life in our culture. His writing is sometimes dense but always useful. One of his more recent titles summarizes a great deal of Wuthnow’s insight: American … Read More

The Value of Travel

A few months ago (February 9, 2010) an interview in the Christian Century was made with a travel agent/writer who reflected upon the blessings of travel. I found a lot in his thoughtful piece that lined up with my own travel experience. First, I love travel but I do hate airports. Go figure. I have just grown weary of these … Read More

N. T. Wright: Is He Really the Most Dangerous Theologian of Our Time?

From the first moment I heard the name of N. T. Wright, about twenty years ago I think, I was told to avoid him like the plague. Why? He was a dangerous man with a theology that would undermine the entire Protestant Reformation. Dutifully I avoided him because those I respected told me to do so. I limited my reading … Read More

Global Mission Must Become Mutual Mission

My own denomination, the Reformed Church in America, produces a monthly piece on mission for member churches to use in their Sunday bulletins. The March issue of Mission Today: Reformed Church in America Global Mission, had a particularly helpful look at what drives our shared global mission as a historic American denomination. In a world that is clearly multicultural, where … Read More

The Relational Unity of John 17:20-23

Biblical students and scholars have often interpreted John 17 in ways that deny the obvious meaning of Jesus’ prayer for our unity and oneness. Did Jesus intend for us to share in the eternal unity of the Father and Son, or what we call the ontological unity of the Godhead? Yes, in a sense, but primarily the answer is no. … Read More

Could the Church Be Missing Its Spiritual Blindside?

I have quoted New York Times columnist David Brooks more than a few times on this blog site. I find Brooks to be one of the most insightful and helpful syndicated writers today. On March 29 he wrote a column titled: “The Sandra Bullock Trade.” He wrote that in the month of March two things happened to Sandra. First, she … Read More

The Boys of Summer Are Back

Spring is finally here and baseball is back. For me the two have been synonymous for as long as I can remember. Spring begins with "Play Ball" and winter begins when the World Series is over. I know many of you think that is crazy but it is me and I love this time of the year. For almost every … Read More

What Great Work Does God Require of Us?

The way of Christ is a truly radical way of living. Our lives are to rest on two virtues: humility and faith. “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus lived his life, in the moment of each single day, in a radical (radix: meaning at the root) poverty of spirit. He had no … Read More

Becoming Fully Present in the Moment

A remarkable thing happens to us, and in us, when we learn to live in the present moment. We learn to live for him who died for us and was raised again for us and thus we live for the moment he has given to us and not for something else or for some other time we dream about. When … Read More

Our Essence is Our Emptiness

A friend recently wrote that “our essence is our emptiness.” Our true selves are refined into gold by the purifying fire of life and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We are made to be divine chalices, human receptacles made in the image of the Triune God for the living God. God made us for himself and he made us … Read More