A Bowling Weekend

I have never seen Alabama play in a college fotball bowl game. My dream game would actually be a BCS bowl, or better yet a BCS national title game. I’ve seen some really big Alabama football games of historic magnitude for their tradition but never a Bama bowl game. Actually, no team in all of college football has played in … Read More

The Religious Right is Still Alive and Well

Please do not try to convince me that the religious right is not still playing a major role in Republican politics. And definitely do not try to convince me that a very conservative, white, deeply religious viewpoint has not played a pivotal role in Governor Mike Huckabee’s rising poll numbers among prospective Republican voters. Roughly four in ten white evangelical … Read More

Six Days in June and America's Real Role in the Middle East

Six Days in June: The War That Redefined the Middle East is a new DVD release from Public Broadcast (PBS) via their Boston affiliate, WGBH. It is an excellent history lesson, well worth seeing, and vividly presents a time when the international political map was altered in a dramatic way that still impacts the entire world down to the present … Read More

Thirty-Seven Years of Marriage

Thirty-seven years ago on this evening of December 26th I took Anita Ruth Siml to be my wife in a lovely candlelight ceremony in a Wheaton church. I cannot say that we have never struggled during our life together. Couples with any personality between them will struggle I am certain. I can say that we have no regrets about taking … Read More

Denzel Washington on Film, Faith and Culture

Denzel Washington professes personal faith in Christ and gives us very good reason to believe that he understands what he professes. His work with Zondervan on “The Bible Experience” is sterling and his family and lifestyle stand in stark contrast to the common Hollywood experience. He plainly seeks to live his faith in a personal way. Washington, who turns 53 … Read More

The Great Debaters

Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune calls the new film, The Great Debaters, a "Good story, well told." So it is. Featuring great stars like Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker, this movie also introduces the audience to some new stars who should get recognition for playing great supporting roles as college students and debaters. Critic Michael Phillips also wonders, in … Read More

Christmas is About Hope for the Whole World

Political columnist and author E. J. Dionne, Jr., who writes for the Washington Post and The New Republic, is not a political writer I always agree with on a number of social issues, at least when it comes to the particular solutions he offers. At the same Dionne sometimes gets the big picture of things in an incredibly clear way. … Read More

"Peace to Those On Whom His Favor Rests"

The usual Christmas greeting we will hear today and tomorrow is the wish for "peace on earth." It has become the Hallmark theology of the left and the right in our time. It is even the greeting of many who are quite secular. After all, who could be against "peace on earth" anyway? There is only one problem with this … Read More

The Joys of Teaching Evangelism

One of my greatest joys is the students I get to teach in evangelism and apologetics. I taught twelve such students this past July with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. These were all full-time college workers who serve Christ on the campus of both small and large schools across North America. I think these are some of the best frontline evangelists for … Read More

A Day in November I Shall Never Forget

Many of you prayed for me during the time surrounding my mom’s death on November 19th. I will never be able to thank you enough for your loving intercession. You may also know that I preached the weekend following mom’s death, which was the Sunday after Thanksgiving Day. This was her home church, Southwood Presbyterian Church in Huntsville, Alabama. Southwood … Read More