Luther and Reformation Day

Today is All Saints’ Eve, Halloween and, most importantly, Reformation Day. Several newspapers, including the L. A. Times, have noted the significance of this date in Western history. (The year 2017 will mark the 500th anniversary.) I think the celebration of the Reformation is making a slight comeback in many of our churches over the past few years. There seems … Read More

Understanding Four Views on the Lord's Supper

My new book, Understanding Four Views on the Lord’s Supper, was released this week by Zondervan. A link for Lifeway Christian stores (in a pdf file) will let you see the book and also provides a good description of it. You can order it from our Web site for $12, plus shipping, or from any major store or online source. … Read More

The Biggest Businessman in Johnstown, PA

The Wall Street Journal ran a front page story today on the U. S. Congress and the leaders in pork spending. The biggest pork producer in the entire country is none other than peace-advocate John Murtha (D., Pennsylvania). Said the Journal, "If John Murtha were a businessman, he’d be the biggest employer in town." Murtha has used his power and … Read More

Someone Else Has a Negative Perspective on Charlie Weis

I have written several blogs about Coach Charlie Weis of Notre Dame. My lack of respect grows the longer I watch this terrible season for the Irish unfold. (You know things are desperate in South Bend when they “hope” they can beat Navy this week at home and they are only a slight favorite by all the betting odds!) I … Read More

Reformation Sunday

I preached this morning at Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Newport Beach, California. Today was Reformation Sunday, since it is the closest Lord’s Day to October 31st. I made my message fit the occasion. My stress was on the uniqueness and sovereignty of Christ as revealed in Colossians 1:15-23. There are those who think that we should no longer celebrate … Read More

The Red Sox Were Clearly the Team of 2007

When all was said and done the team that played the best all season long was crowned the World Series champion tonight. Boston started strong, held off the red-hot Yankees down the stretch, came from behind down 3-1 to knock out Cleveland, and swept the hot Colorado Rockies in four. You can’t do more than they did. They dominated the … Read More

Bishop N. T. Wright Misses the Mark on Terrorism

Readers of this site know that I have huge respect for the biblical theological contributions of Dr. N. T. Wright, the esteemed bishop of Durham (Anglican). Wright is one of the finest biblical scholars in the world. Readers should see his books on the gospels, Jesus and Paul. Though there are areas of biblical interpretation with which you can disagree … Read More

Abortion and Shades of Gray

Michael Medved is an intelligent, engaging Jewish conservative. He began as a movie critic but is now a popular author, Right Turns, and talk-show host. His classic tag line line, on his the radio show, is that America is still: “The greatest nation on God’s green earth.” Some of my younger friends would find this signature statement corny, or even … Read More