Deliver Us from Evil

Readers are well aware that I am an ecumenical and orthodox Christian. And I am in no way an anti-Catholic. While I remain a committed Reformed Protestant Christian I have learned so much from Catholic theology and Catholic friends that my life would lack more profound blessings than I can begin to enumerate without the contributions that I have received … Read More

Mother Angelica

Most of you have seen her on television at some point over the last twenty-five years. She is a diminutive lady who wears the traditional habit of Roman Catholic sisterhood. I refer, of course, to Mother Angelica. I thought about her again today as I listened to a brief interview of Raymond Arroyo. Arroyo is the Catholic writer and news … Read More

Taxing Business Will Not Solve Our Health Care Crisis

Universal government health care has become a major issue in the United States. At least one Democratic candidate for president, John Edwards, is running on the issue big-time. Another, Hillary Clinton, has a mixed-record and is still trying to find her way forward on what she thinks the public will buy into, or so it seems based upon what the … Read More

The Loss of Memory

This is Memorial day weekend in the United States. Monday is designated as a national day to recall the sacrifice of fellow Americans who defended our life and liberty with thier lives. Very few of us will do anything symbolic, or otherwise, to remember these valiant defenders. Memorial Day is one holiday that we tend to pass by and treat … Read More

Life Is Beautiful

The film Life is Beautiful won so many international awards that it became a modern classic almost overnight. First filmed in 1998 it originally appeared in American theaters only in Italian, with English subscripts. This is where I first saw it. This film had the most unique distinction of being nominated for both the best feature film and the best … Read More

Jimmy Carter and a Little Lesson in History

Former President Jimmy Carter has recently said: "I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, [the Bush] administration has been the worst in history." Read that again, "The worst in history." Besides the issue of denying the long historic role of ex-presidents, who have never engaged a current administration in this manner, Carter reveals … Read More

Why We Need Both Tax Cuts and Budget Cuts

Both of our major political parties have missed what seems so obvious. One says that we need more tax cuts to strengthen the economy. This is correct. The problem is that they are not willing to also make serious budget cuts. That party has spent more than any previous administration. The other political party wants to expand federal government by … Read More

The Jinx May Be Over

Regular readers and close friends know that I was accused, at least all of last season, of being a first-class jinx to the Chicago White Sox. Every time I was present at U. S. Cellular Field for a Sox game they seemed to find a way to lose. Some friends even urged me to stay away down the stretch part … Read More

More on James Dobson's Comments on "Who is a Real Christian?"

A few weeks ago I commented on this blog about the quotation that James Dobson made to U. S. News & World Report senior editor, Dan Gilgoff, which in effect questioned whether or not former-senator Fred Thompson is a Christian. Several reminded me that there is always context to such interviews. And there is also much the newspaper will often … Read More

Hunting for Justice

Hunt for Justice is a cross between a documentary and a drama, what I suppose we have come to call a docudrama. It is the story of Canadian Judge Lois Arbour who was named Chief Prosecutor of the International War Crimes Tribunal which was charged with investigating the atrocities of “ethnic cleansing” in the Balkans. Arthur investigated the rape camps, … Read More