John Paul II: A Tribute

Those who know me are not surprised to learn that I sincerely admired Pope John Paul II for many years. At first, like many Protestants, I saw him only as the pope, thus as a person standing in some kind of opposition to my own Christian faith. After I began to grasp what I believed about the Creed’s affirmation regarding … Read More

What We Do Really Matters

What we do in this life truly matters. Many Christians live and act as if this were not so. Somehow we have so severed faith from real life that we have millions of evangelicals who now insist that they are Christians based upon a once-in-time decision. This must be one reason why we see the high numbers of evangelicals in … Read More

Marriage & Family: The Words We Use Still Matter

Everyone who is not comatose knows that a huge debate is unfolding in this country about the legal basis, and definition, of marriage. Is marriage between one man and one woman, or simply a relationship between two consenting adults (e.g., same-sex marriage), or perhaps more than two adults (polygamy is making a legal comeback, no joke)? The Washington State Supreme … Read More

More on Global Christianity

I was particularly struck by Philip Jenkins’ concerns, in the address that I heard him give on Monday, by the rising opposition in the West to the Christianity of the global South. I have in mind the hate crimes issue in Canada that I mentioned yesterday. Recently Brazil has actually begun to go down the same road and Britain is … Read More

Will It Stop at the Anglicans?: The Propsects for Global Christianity

I had the pleasure of hearing Professor Philip Jenkins, author of numerous award-winning books on the globalization of Christianity, speak yesterday at the board meeting of the Institute on Religion and Democracy in Washington, D.C. I have taught Jenkins’ books in several classes, heard him lecture in-person previously, and had several brief discussions with him about matters related to church … Read More

The Strange Story of an Injustice

The ordeal of Eric Volz is presented in the following seven minute You Tube link: My friend Shayne Wheeler, pastor of All Souls Fellowship in Atlanta, tells me that the story is true. One of the witnesses in Eric’s trial was a founding member of All Souls in Atlanta, a church where I will be speaking this summer. Shayne … Read More

The Debate Global Warming Alarmists Do No Want

I have tried to read everything that I can find the time to digest on the subject of global warming. I saw Al Gore’s award-winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" and even had some nice things to say about it. I have always been put off by the use of terms like "environmental whackos" and "earthist nut balls" from the political … Read More

Jesus Changes Everything

Bishop William Temple once said, "Christ was not a man, but Man, he was not a god, but God." Pilate, when he looked at Jesus to examine him, concluded "Here (Behold) is the man" (John 19:5). There is more in this confession than perhaps he knew. Pilate recognizes, in ways beyond the ordinary, that this was not just any man, … Read More

Loving and Listening Without Condescension

Learning to listen well is necessary in all healthy relationships. And learning to listen well is both a grace and an art. It is something that we should seek from God and it is something that we must develop much the way an artist develops a story or a picture. Everyone who would learn to listen to others must work … Read More

Delivered from Darkness

Last evening we held our first ACT 3 Forum of 2007. It was a great blessing for many who came. Comments and responses were almost all positive. We also attracted the largest crowd for such an event that we have ever had in Chicago. We hope to build on this beginning and see these types of forums grow in their … Read More