Following Up on the UBF Conversation, Part I

On January 27, I wrote a blog titled: “The Korean Revival and the Ministry of UBF.” UBF is the University Bible Fellowship, an indigenous and international tent-making mission that was birthed through the impact of the Korean Revival some 75 years ago. UBF is a mission that has produced a dynamic movement of evangelism that follows the principles developed by … Read More

Breach: The Shocking Story of a Double-Agent

The wonderfully crafted docudrama Breach is both an entertaining and disturbing movie. It is the story of America’s most prominent double-agent spy, Robert Hanssen, who sold more priceless American secrets to the Soviets than any other agent ever convicted in U. S. history. Chris Cooper’s portrayal of Agent Hanssen is anything but humdrum. He chillingly takes the viewer into a … Read More

Free Speech & Blogging: Don't Take It For Granted

The world of blogging can be dangerous, especially if you live in Egypt and oppose Al-Azhar, the most prominent religious center in Sunni Islam. Abdel Kareem Nabil, a 22-year old former student at Egypt’s prominent university found this out last week when he was convicted of a crime for, among other things, calling the school “the university of terrorism.” He … Read More

The Power of Amazing Grace

Rarely have I seen a movie that moved me the way Amazing Grace did last evening. The new film, which opened across America on Friday, is the story of the life-long struggle of William Wilberforce to end slavery and reform British society in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The movie should compel Christians to understand how culture can … Read More

A Day at Grace

Grace Christian Fellowship, of Largo, Florida, is twelve years old, a young church as congregations go. It was begun by Pastor Randy Evans, and his wife Becky, after Randy had served in a much larger charismatic church in the Clearwater area as a youth pastor and associate minister. I was introduced to Randy when he came to several of our … Read More

U.S. High Schools Learning Less: What's the Answer?

U. S. high school students are taking harder classes, receiving better grades, and from every indication in recent data, leaning much less than their counterparts fifteen years ago. Go figure. All the talk about spending more money and about improving testing and teacher standards and the end result is that two decades of educational reform may not have improved things … Read More

The War in Iraq Has New Meaning for Me

All Americans have some interest in the present war in Iraq. Some have a deeper and more personal interest since they have members of their own family serving in this present struggle to establish an effective democracy in a far-away place. It is relatively easy for people to debate the merits, or demerits, of this conflict so long as they … Read More

Ashes and Turning Away from Sin

Today is Ash Wednesday in the West. Catholics, Anglicans and Lutherans, as well as some other groups, follow this tradition each year. Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent, which is the six-week period before Easter. It appears to have originated in the 8th century. It is a day to be characterized by a penitential service during which Christians … Read More

The Prayer Appointed for the Week

As readers of this blog know I have used The Divine Hours:A Manual for Prayer (Phyllis Tickle) for many months now. I have repeatedly found it a fruitful guide to daily fixed-hours of prayer and devotion. I do not follow the prayers every hour, or half-hour, using the guide. I try, and still fail, to follow the four designated times … Read More

Anglicanism and the Pope: Is Reunion About to Happen?

The Times of London reports in today’s edition ( that proposals to reunite Anglicans with the Roman Catholic Church are to be published later this year. Senior bishops of both churches are involved in these proposals and have written a 42-page statement through an internal commission of both churches. The statement urges exploration. Catholic bishops, according to The Times, are … Read More