Who Can You Believe?

A noted person is quoted in today’s news saying he “considers it extremely unlikely that the American people consent to the billions of dollars of annual expenditure from [their] treasury for this [Iraq] military misadventure.” The same man added: “You are witnessing daily that under the pretext of ‘the war on terror,’ civil liberties in the United States are being … Read More

My Enemies and God's Enemies

“You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” – Anne Lamott This quote stopped me in my tracks! I have been guilty of this form of idolatry more often than I care to admit. I am praying that God will teach me to … Read More

Getting the Facts Right and Correcting My Errors

On August 17 I posted a blog about two people who faced deeply personal trials that were life threatening. (One of the things I hoped to accomplish in that blog was to urge each of us to realize that we face death every single day!)  In that blog I referred to the passing of Carol Bugh on August 11. Carol … Read More

Benedict's Visit to Turkey

Pope Benedict XVI is scheduled to make a four-day visit to Turkey beginning this Tuesday. The personal risk is very high and the opposition to his coming to Istanbul is huge. Today more than 25,000 people have begun angry demonstrations, chanting "God is Great" in the streets and thus telling the pope to stay home. This has to be the … Read More

Further Reflections on Postmodernism and the Problem of Certainty

A friend wrote a private question about my references to certainty in recent posts. The concept of certainty is heavily philosophical. I am not praising doubt, or unbelief. Dietrich Bonhoeffer expressed my central point well when he wrote: “Jesus Christ alone is the certainty of faith.” What this means is that our various systems of faith are not the truth! … Read More

A Crisis of Faith

My friend Monte Wilson is one of the most insightful writers that I know. He often understands important things and writes with passion and clarity. He sends occasional thoughts to his friends. The one that follows came to me earlier this week. I share it with his permission. (I urge you to check out Monte’s mission and support it. Information … Read More

Good Church Humor

Sometimes you just need to laugh. Readers Digest often provides the material for some good ones, like these: "He must not be very good at his job" was the first thing that came to mind as I left church. The reason? This notice on the bulletin board: "There will be no healing service this Sunday due to the pastor’s illness." … Read More

Lincoln, Tom Brokaw and Radical Islam

Tom Brokaw gave the Remembrance Day address at the Gettysburg Cemetery last Sunday, November 19. I was pleased to hear him in person. He is truly a master speaker and quite frankly a very real presence. He is a tall man, handsome still, and genuinely gracious to all who approached him personally, offering thanks much like a minister at the … Read More

Giving Thanks

I am incredibly self-conscious about writing this but my wife asked me to consider it. I try to listen to her wise advice so here goes. What she said to me was, “Ask your readers at Thanksgiving to share one thing they are thankful for with regard to the ministry of ACT 3.” It sounds way too self-serving, as if … Read More

Some Questions About My Openness to Postmodernity

In a comment placed on my blog of November 15 on "How Postmodernity Serves Faith" a respondent (Martin Downes) asked me three specific questions that I wish to answer in the form of a new blog. I do this because the answer, I sincerely hope, is worthy of others reading it and responding to it as they wish. You can … Read More