Personal Stewardship

Some of you know that I have battled health issues for some years. Time and again these issues have proven to be a great means of grace to me. They have forced me to seek God on a daily basis to have the energy to live and work. They also have taught me the importance of things I once took … Read More

Is Democracy a Universal Human Desire?

I am presently reading Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq (New York: Penguin Press, 2006), by Pulitzer Prize winning author Thomas E. Ricks. Any one who knows of a critical review of this best-selling book would help me by suggesting where I can find said review. The book is, to my mind at this moment, a powerful and fair-minded … Read More

Telling the Old, Old Story in a New Way

Historical museums across America are regularly adjusting to the new cultural realities of our time. People no longer stand and read long texts like they once did. Their attention span is just too short and their reading level lower than in previous generations. Besides this sad fact, there is the simple reality that people have always learned in ways besides … Read More

How Do You Explain Osama bin Laden?

Osama Bin Laden is not nearly as mysterious a person as many would have us believe. And his background does provide several lessons that reveal an intellectual and spiritual development which can be reasonably analyzed. To do so removes the idea that he is just an “evil” monster, thus somehow a non-human who is not like the rest of us … Read More

Jerry Falwell Speaks Again

The Associated Press reported today that Jerry Falwell believes that God will preserve a Republican majority in the Congress. I wonder who told him? I am sure of only one thing—it was not God. Where does he get this stuff? I wonder if the Republicans are grateful that he told the world these new revelations before the November mid-term elections. … Read More

Keeping the Daily Hours

I have found a number of resources helpful for daily spiritual disciplines over the course of many years. I am currently using one of the most helpful, The Divine Hours: A Manual for Prayer, by Phyllis Tickle (New York: Doubleday, 2000). I even noted the other day that Scot McKnight had a blog based on this resource. I have found … Read More

Getting the Gospel Right

Very often we confuse the gospel itself, this wonderful and glorious good news about our salvation being totally and completely by grace alone, and in Christ alone, with various doctrines and arguments that properly surround the defense of the gospel itself. By this mistake we turn the knowing of certain doctrines into the gospel. Don’t misunderstand me. If doctrine is … Read More

Putting Mission in Perspective in the Emergent Discussion

There is a great deal of interest today in what is called, rightly or otherwise, "the emergent church." What is it, how should we respond to it, and what is its future? I am a student of revival and mission, having studied both for about forty years now. I am deeply interested in the emergent church phenomenon, whatever it is … Read More

The Death of a Vision

In 1991 I had an idea. There should be a quarterly journal that had the style and respect of a seminary journal but a readership that would primarily be church leadership, both lay and pastoral. That idea became the Reformation & Revival Journal, renamed last year as the ACT 3 Review. That journal was the beginning of this mission ministry … Read More