Christ and Culture

There is a great upheaval in the evangelical church regarding how Christians should engage culture. The most common form of understanding, at least among American evangelicals, is the "Christ and Culture" model set forward by H. Richard Niebuhr. In this model the theory of "two kingdoms," namely the kingdom of Christ and the kingdom of the world, is central. This … Read More

Is it a Christmas Tree or a Holiday Tree?

I’ve said it before, but given the level of heat created during the past two weeks by well-meaning conservative Christians, I want to say it again. What people within the culture call the large green tree prominently placed in front of the nation’s capitol, or on the front lawn of your state capitol, is irrelevant. This is another culture wars … Read More

Getting Regeneration and Conversion Right

A common evangelical mistake is to make regeneration synonmous with initial spiritual birth and thereby to deny that it has anything at all to do with the process by which the Holy Spirit works to consummate what he begins through initial salvation. The same mistake is made with regard to misunderstanding conversion. Conversion is often seen as synonmous with the … Read More

Year End Giving and Donor Issues

Almost every North American mission I know plans for December to be their major month for donations in the entire year. In fact, the last ten days of December typically supply as much as 40% of our needed giving for the year. For this reason I annually write a December letter asking old friends and new friends to help us … Read More

The Cell Phone

It seems more and more of us use, and abuse, the cell phone these days. I bought my first one, about four years ago, to provide my wife and daughter some protection when they were away from home. Once I began to use one myself I found it "saved time," or so I thought. Like almost every modern technological device … Read More

The Radical Reformission

Over the past few weeks I have led a small group discussion, with seven couples, based upon my friend Mark Driscoll’s book, The Radical Reformission (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2004). The discussion has been both stimulating and challenging. I find it quite hard to demonstrate to these conservative suburban Christians (much like me of course) the central thesis of Mark’s brilliant … Read More