Another Roman Catholic on the High Court?

With President Bush’s nomination of Judge Samuel Alito for confirmation to the Supreme Court, we have the potential of another Roman Catholic justice on the high court. This little known fact means there would be five Catholic justices on the high court if Alito is confirmed. This would be a staggering historical fact but will likely go almost unnoticed in … Read More

A Reformation Day in Detroit

I preached the Reformation Day services at Ward Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Northville, Michigan (Detroit area), today. My day was quite full, with four services in all. The music and services were all inspiring and well done. Jimmy McGuire, the senior pastor, has become a very good friend that I have come to love and respect. He has served … Read More

Chicago Has a Champion and Its Not the Cubs

Last night, at 10:42 p.m., fireworks were going off all over my community. Neighbors were celebrating the first World Series championship in Chicago in 88 years. Thats a long time to go without a champion. In fact, only the Chicago Cubs, those lovable losers, are now more desperate for a championship, having not won in 97 years! And the die-hard … Read More

Finding a Perfect Church

I suppose the most egregious denial of the need to be a vital part of a church is the commonly heard statement that "There is no such thing as a perfect church." Of course there is no perfect church. The statement is so self-evident that it borders on the ridiculous. Where did anyone ever get the idea that a church … Read More

Rusell Crowe: Lessons from a Great Actor

I confess, Russell Crowe is my favorite contemporary film actor. His performance as John Nash, in "A Beautiful Mind," stole my allegiance from any others who were previously at the top of my list. And his most recent performance as James J. Braddick ("Cinderella Man"), the heavyweight boxing champion of the 1930s, was a role that seemed made specifically for … Read More

What About the Word of Faith Movement?

I have very little interest in attacking various modern movements and sub-movements within evangelicalism. At one time I thought this was important. I reasoned that I should constantly warn people about all the "bad" movements that existed in our church cultures so the sheep would not be led astray. I found, quite candidly, that this kind of ministry fed my … Read More

I Believe in Order to Know

All true knowing comes from faith. Augustine put it this way: "I believe in order to know." The modern age replaced this ancient wisdom with the words of Descartes, cogito ergo sum, or "I think therefore I am." (This is a blatant heresy!) The sad fact is this kind of thinking eventually permeated the Christian church. We still haven’t shaken … Read More

God's Way in Dealing with Those Outside the Signs of Christ's Church

I am working this week on finishing a volume for Zondervan on baptism. This is a book to appear in the Counterpoint Series, an excellent group of volumes designed to let Christians see different viewpoints on various issues that divide us. My book has four views which are represented by quite capable authors who are Lutheran, Reformed, Baptist, and Christian … Read More

The Apologetic of Love

Teaching apologetics in the A Quad (Fall Term) has been a real joy for me. My first quad class at Wheaton Graduate School ended yesterday. A new class, on spiritual formation, begins next Thursday (October 20). My seven students gave me their final papers yesterday, a written project in which they had to develop their own approach to apologetics and … Read More

Do You Get What You Pay For?

All baseball fans tend to love, or hate, the New York Yankees. When they win some fans are filled with joy. Others, like me, relish the moment. I became a real fan, at age eight, in 1957. That was the year the Milwaukee Braves beat the New York Yankees in seven games in the World Series. I became a real … Read More