Higher Education in America

The current issue of The Weekly Standard (October 3, 2005) has a marvelous article by James Piereson entitled "The Left University" (www.weeklystandard.com). It is must reading for serious Christian thinkers who care about the future of higher education in this country. It also explains the history of our universities by surveying the periods of greatest change, concluding that the period … Read More

Interpreting the Bible: The False Assumptions of Modernism

An excellent new book, Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament (Baker Academic, 2005), by Professor Peter Enns of Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia), has begun to stir controversy in very conservative circles. This is particularly sad to me since I know Professor Enns to be a careful scholar who is totally faithful to the authority of … Read More

The Soul of True Science

The methods of modern science rest upon an assurance that the world is both rational and contingent. Science advances by the observation of phenomena and through induction from the results of this observation. Nature is really real and scientists can give us the practical insight into how it works. Over the course of the past few hundred years, however, science … Read More

A Godly Man Seeks Office

I do not make it a practice to "endorse" political candidates. I believe active Christian ministers, who serve the gospel as their primary calling, should speak faithfully and prophetically to all parties, all practices and all viewpoints, without aligning themselves or their ministry with political decision making. Ever so often I have a friend who feels "called" to enter the … Read More

Politics Does Not Change Culture

Perhaps the most eggregious error being made by conservative Christians, with regard to our present attempts to promote morality and Christian witness in the public sphere, is the false notion that politics can actually change culture. Make no mistake about it, politics is important in a culture. But it is not primary in importance. The long absence of evangelicals in … Read More

Three Vital Qualities for Ministers

One of my dearest friends, a fellow minister of the gospel, regularly challenges both my mind and heart about gospel ministry. The two of us have walked together as brothers and best friends for nearly thirty years. In conversation yesterday, and after writing the blog that I posted on ambition (September 15), my friend’s three point test for good ministers … Read More

The Danger of Ministerial Ambition

I give a great deal of my personal time to ministers. I love ministers. I love the church even more. Because of these two great loves I sometimes have real conflicts. If forced to choose, and thankfully I am not usually forced, I will always choose the church as my higher priority. The reason for this is very simple. The … Read More

Newbigin: A Modern Prophet?

In teaching my class on apologetics for evangelism at Wheaton this term I am daily afforded the joy of thinking about how to defend the faith in a Western, and increasingly postmodern, context. One figure in the twentieth century stands out as the most influential person in the West for my thinking about culture, gospel, and communication with modern man. … Read More

A Day in Pittsburgh with Two Faithful Friends

I went to Pittsburgh today for a short visit with John Rodgers, the former president and dean at Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry in Ambridge, and Philip Houghton, the pastor of an Episcopal parish church in Bedford, Pennsylvania. John has been a leading voice for orthodox conviction and Christ-centered ministry in his church for five plus decades. When I asked … Read More

Personal Reflections on Mainline Evangelical Churches

The Protestant "mainline" is a common description used to refer to churches in America that are in fellowship with the older, historic denominations rooted in early American history; e.g. Lutheran, Episcopal, Congregational, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Reformed, etc. These groups are the ones that now struggle mightily for their collective soul since liberalism, and compromise with culture, has eroded their witness … Read More