A Kairos Moment?

When John Paul II died a few months ago a number of Catholic and non-Catholic theologians and commentators wondered out loud if this was a "kairos" moment for the church. These writers understand a "kairos" moment to be a specific time that becomes decisive in church history. Anthony Figueiredo, former special assistant to the pontiff, believes Rome is in fact … Read More

Beware the Ideologues

The ideologues are out in full force these days. These ideologues are visionary theorists who embrace a range of narrowly defined positions with considerable passion. And they are both conservative and liberal. You will see more and more of them as the Senate begins its confirmation hearings on Supreme Court nominee John Roberts in coming weeks. Their rhetoric will be … Read More

A Little Internet Humor

It is said that a little humor is good for the soul. And nothing in the modern genre of humor may be better for the soul of Internet readers than fast-spreading Internet humor. My wife was sent as email yesterday that made me laugh out loud. I thought many of my readers would enjoy this as well so I provide … Read More

When Christian Ethics Are Not Christian

A great deal of ethical discussion today comes to us from Christian writers and ministries. Much of it  is not really Christian at all. It may be advanced by Christians. And it may be supported by Christians. It may even be given in settings that appear to be Christian (churches, missions, radio and TV broadcasts by Christians, etc.) but in … Read More

A Few More Thoughts on Imputation

When I have commented on imputation in the past few years I am sometimes asked if my position is "a classic Protestant position" on these matters. The answer is, in itself, a point for considerable discussion. The Lutherans clearly had a nuance on the matter. Calvin had yet another nuance and Bucer had yet a different one from Calvin. (They … Read More


I am sometimes asked, due to the heated debates surrounding the so-called New Perspective on Paul, if I truly believe in imputation. To put it very simply, "What is my understanding of the relationship of Christ’s righteousness and his work of imputation?" I always answer this question as plainly as I know how. No one will be saved without the … Read More

Its All About Relationships

Most American evangelicals give little or no thought to the role that Christian faith has in creating a vision for society. We have privatized our faith to great excess. We have, to put it another way, focused on the first commandment, that is to love God, but failed the second, to love our neighbor. A wideranging reformation is spreading, in … Read More

Teacher or Reproducer?

My dear friend and pastor, Wilbur Ellsworth, cited a marvelous quote on July 3 that I had never previously heard. He didn’t tell us where it came from originally so I can’t give you the proper credit for the quote. It does sum up a great deal of what I have learned through considering carefully the ancient-future dimensions of Christian … Read More

David Bahnsen on the New Perspective, N. T Wright and Auburn Avenue

I wrote a blog several days ago about the resolution of the Mississippi Valley Presbytery (PCA) presented to the General Assembly in their June meeting (“The New Perspective and the PCA, July 2, 2005). This resolution sought to put the entire denomination on record as opposed to the "heresies" of the New Perspective on Paul and related matters. I expressed … Read More

The Gospel and Culture

The proper balance between evangelism and social concern has troubled the church for centuries. The very existence of such a problem should make anyone who advances a particular partisan cause humble. The sad fact is that it does not in most cases. It seems that we have never been more divided as Christians than we are right now about the … Read More